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Mark your calendars! I am playing the ORIGINAL 1936 manuscript of Density 21.5 (very different from the piece you all know!) on a beautiful BURKART PLATINUM FLUTE for this FREE online performance/discussion on November 5 at 7:30pm Eastern Time! This original version of the piece has not been performed since Georges Barrère performed it over 70 years ago!

The Evolution of Edgard Varèse’s Density 21.5
A comparative analysis of the 1936 (original) and 1946 (now-standard) edition of Edgard Varèse’s Density 21.5. With flutist Molly Barth and Sacher Foundation scholar Felix Meyer. Moderated by Nancy Toff.
barth 2021 Swartout continuous motion

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Blair Flute Studio Performance on Pedestrian Bridge Blair's flute students will be doing a performance art event on the pedestrian bridge. We would love photos of our flutists in the wild!

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What a winter, and now spring is in the earth in Nashville! Tulips and daffodils are in bloom, and the sun feels warm.

Returning for a brief 3-month period to the post I held for a decade as the flutist with Eighth Blackbird is a joy. What fun new repertoire for me to perform, and with incredible musicians with whom I started working while we were Oberlin students 27 years ago!

And after each performance, I am always eager to return to the Blair School of Music. The students at Blair are some of the most creative, entrepreneurial, and collegial people in the world, and I have the incredible privilege of working with them!

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The award-winning flautist brings a multifaceted programme of contemporary US and Latin American solo works to London, including several works written for and dedicated to her.


  • Michael Fiday, Jim and John
  • Frederic Rzewski, Mollitude
  • Omar Acosta, Solo de Pajarillo
  • John Liberatore, Gilded Tree
  • John Fonville, Music for Sarah
  • Shulamit Ran, East Wind
  • Aaron Holloway Nahum, Forever Fleeing Earth’s Pull

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Live In Studio C: This Piece Of Music Had Her Name On It

It’s an auspicious honor to have a piece of music named after you. Flutist Molly Barth would know, and she’ll also tell you that the idea to include a name comes from the composer, not the title-character.

Set List:

  • CPE Bach: Flute Sonata in A Minor – Adagio, Allegro, Allegro
  • Luca Cori: Quodlibarth – Softly Dancing, Festivito, Ostinato, Eco
  • John Liberatore: Gilded Tree – Black Twig Tips