April 19, 2015, 3pm

Music and Meditative Practice: Molly Barth and Brian McWhorter

In between performances of contemporary music from Molly Barth and Brian McWhorter, Brian will be discussing various techniques within four modalities of meditative practice: concentration, receptive awareness, contemplation and cultivation. With each technique engaged, the listeners' perception of music can change - and while the effects of this are often fascinating (if not potentially and instantly enlightening) practicing a range of techniques like these can provide listeners with a clearer idea of how they themselves might listen to music.

Flutist Molly Barth will present "20th Century Flute Music of the Americas," works for solo flute by composers from Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States. Brian McWhorter will explore unknown territory in the world of improvisational trumpet playing.

85344 Forest Hill Ln. Eugene OR, 97405


Tickets available at the door or by phone at 541-501-2027.